Our Corporate Ethics

These are some of our main company guidelines that are put in place to keep our philosophies and ideals alive.

Corporate Operations

  • Maintain a streamlined management practice, allowing for only two levels of management before reaching an executive.
  • Strict no micro-management policy.
  • Stay honest in marketing practices and claims.
  • Listen to our customers, and take proactive steps from suggestions.
  • Remain innovative.
  • Maintain transparency with employees about company operations.
  • Prohibited from donating to political action committees or political parties.
  • Actively meet and work with employees to examine policies, practices, and benefits.


Information Technology Practices

  • Exceed industry standard security practices.
  • Provide identification information on all our sites.
  • Utilize Open-Source software and contribute to the community


Employment Practices

  • Treat all our employees with respect, offer them a living wage.
  • Enforce a robust Equal Opportunity Policy.
  • Maintain a tiered payroll structure, with maximum pay being 3x that of a regular employee.
  • Offer flexible scheduling for our employees, and teleworking opportunities.
  • Provide for a stress-free, productive atmosphere.
  • Provide and encourage nutritional snack options.
  • Encourage wellness through exercise programs, extended breaks, and education.
  • Encourage skill training and continued education.
  • Offer benefits where possible.


Social Responsibility

  • Encourage our employees to take interest in politics and social issues.
  • Donate a minimum of 5% net proceeds to non-secular, non-profit organizations.
  • Support full equality.
  • Support social issues and causes that align with our progressive stance.
  • Provide transparency regarding our operations, keep policies public.


Environmental Sustainability

  • Align with vendors and service providers actively committed to environmental sustainability.
  • Develop programs that help customers in environmental efforts.
  • Donate to non-profit, non-secular environmental organizations.
  • Be carbon neutral.
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